Keeping track of all the company vehicles and assets associated with your businesses can be a challenging and exhausting task.

What if there was a way to manage all those operations and resources in one place?

TELUS Fleet Complete is a perfect example of such a pragmatic solution.

Global Cell Communication

Global Cell communication has a long-standing history of providing practical and effective technological solutions for businesses all across Alberta.

Global Cell communication is an authorized TELUS dealer that can help you manage your business more effectively using an all-in-one cloud-based platform.

TELUS Fleet Complete

One of the most effective and practical mobile workforce management systems available anywhere in the world is TELUS Fleet Complete.

Its versatility and convenience make it a must have for any business that needs a comprehensive solution for monitoring company vehicles and other assets.

Some of the outstanding features and services TELUS Fleet Complete has to offer are:

  • Fleet Tracker
  • Fleet Complete HoS
  • Asset Tracker
  • Fleet Solution from Intact Insurance

Fleet Tracker

The TELUS Fleet Tracker is a superior way to keep a close eye on all the vehicles used for your business. It is used to collect data that can help analyze and consider the best way to enhance and improve operations out on the road.

The TELUS Fleet Tracker can keep track of things like:

  • Driver behaviour
    • Speeding
    • Needless acceleration
    • Sudden stops
    • Excessive idling time
    • Poor route choices
  • Direction and speed vehicle is travelling
  • Vehicle operation status
    • Engine health
    • Fuel economy
    • Battery power
  • Staying connected

The TELUS Fleet Tracker can help minimize expenses while maximizing productivity.

Fleet Complete HoS (Hours of Service)

This tool is excellent for keeping track of employee working hours and behaviours.

The Fleet Complete HoS service can help:

  • Prepare audit-ready reports for any roadside inspections
  • Ensure ELD (Electronic Logging Device) compliance for excursions to the United States
  • Automatically track driving hours to calculate remaining driving time

Asset Tracker

The Asset Tracker is a great way to enhance security for all company assets. Asset tracking devices are used to help locate any missing or stolen assets.

The TELUS Asset Tracker includes features like:

  • Monitoring assets in real time
    • If an asset moves, you will be updated with an instant alert
  • Asset tracking devices are battery powered and can last as long as 3 years on just one charge
  • Keep track of valuable assets
    • Trailers
    • Mobile buildings
    • Heavy machinery or equipment
    • Client packages
    • Expensive cargo

Fleet Solution from Intact Insurance

This is an excellent tool for keeping insurance premiums at a minimum. It works by assessing the performance of the vehicles within your fleet and arrives at solutions for how to improve efficiency.

Why manage your assets with TELUS Fleet Complete?

There are several compelling reasons that support using TELUS Fleet Complete to manage your assets and business operations.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Improved efficiency
  • Real-time tracking

Vehicle Diagnostics

TELUS Fleet Tracker collects an assortment of data regarding the performance and status of each vehicle in your fleet to help optimize performance and cut down on expenses. 

Data from over 20 different points is collected on your vehicle, as well as Diagnostic Trouble Codes. These codes will send you a notification if there are any recognized defects or discrepancies.

This will help give the opportunity to fix problems before they get out of hand.

Improved Efficiency

TELUS Fleet Complete is an ideal tool for maximizing company efficiency. It can help pinpoint which vehicles and employees are operating efficiently and which ones are not.

Adjustments can then be made accordingly.

Real-Time Tracking

This feature can help you deal with problems as they come up, and also discourage wasted time from employees. 

This also improves on the job efficiency, to help alter arrangements when things don’t go as planned.

TELUS Fleet Complete supports many businesses across Canada. This comprehensive fleet management platform is perfect for a company with several vehicles or a large fleet. Contact our Business Specialist for more information on how fleet management can help increase productivity and deliver a superior customer experience.