TELUS Home Security

Our top-of-the-line TELUS home security system will protect your home and property.

TELUS Home Security Plans

Current TELUS Mobility or Koodo customer

Additional $10/month off

* Not applicable for Smart Camera

Home Automation – Self Monitored

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Term 3 Year

TELUS Internet required

Self monitoring

Online Security Basic


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Term 3 Year

Self monitoring

Online Security Basic

Automation Devices


2 smart devices

Home Security – Professionally Monitored

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Term 5 Year

Online Security Standard

Professional monitoring

1 control panel

1 security starter kit

with 2 door/window sensors & 1 motion sensor

Camera (Add for $10/mo)

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Term 5 Year

Online Security Standard

Professional monitoring

1 control panel

1 security starter kit

with 2 door/window sensors & 1 motion sensor


3 smart devices

Home Automation – Self Monitored Home Security – Professionally Monitored
Smart Home Security Plans Smart Camera
Smart Automation Plus $35/month Secure + Video
$52/month $57/month
Save $5/mo. for 60 months.
Control + Video
$59/mo $67/month
Save $8/mo. for 60 months.
Term 3 Year 3 Year 5 Year 5 Year
TELUS Internet required - - -
Self monitoring - -
Online Security Basic Basic Standard Standard
Automation Devices - - -
Professional monitoring - -
1 control panel - -
1 security starter kit with 2 door/window sensors & 1 motion sensor - -
Camera (Add for $10/mo)
Smart Devices & Sensors - 2 smart devices - 3 smart devices

Stay covered 24/7 with an elite home security system.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing our home security experts monitor the system around the clock. Get notifications when situations occur, such as fires, floods, break-ins or other times the system is compromised, including carbon monoxide alerts. If alarms are detected, our experts take immediate action, and you receive an alert via the SmartHome Security app.

Operate your home efficiently and save money.

Get up to 60% in energy savings during high usage months with the functionality of a smart thermostat. Save up to 20% home insurance premium by having our 24/7 professionally monitored system in place.

Keep an eye on your home.

Monitor and control your security system in real-time with security cameras, sensors, and other smart devices. It’s easy to control devices from your smartphone, set up notifications and establish reminders to make monitoring easy.

Manage and monitor your home from anywhere.

It’s easy to monitor, manage and control the entire system from anywhere using our mobile phone app. The TELUS smart home security system allows you to adjust your lights and thermostat, and check security features like the front door live video feed.

Choose your best installation method.


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  • Comfortable handling small jobs around the house? Choose the DIY installation for the Smart Automation, Smart Camera, or Smart Automation plus Video plan.
  • You’ll get all the instructions and devices you need in the Smart Home Security Self-Install Kit, and then handle the installation when it’s convenient for you.
  • We also have online resources and guidance and will provide call-in support to walk you through the process.


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  • Another option is the ease of booking a TELUS technician to work with you to install the system.
  • With this option, you book a call back for the Secure plan, Control plan, Control + Video plan, or the Secure + Video plan.
  • A technician will arrive to install all devices outside the home. Then the technician leaves interior devices outside. All devices are sanitized, and the installer doesn’t even enter your home. Then we arrange a video chat to guide you through any remaining setup.

Know more about our smart home security products

 TELUS Home Security Systems

HD Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Keep an eye on the area around your home.

Use the outdoor security camera to view live and recorded video from the area outside your home. The camera is weatherproof and can handle our climate conditions.

Smart Thermostat

It’s easy to save money and enjoy all-day comfort.

Set a comfortable temperature when you’re home, then save energy and money by adjusting the temperature when you are not home.

Smart Lights

You’ll love the fully automated, energy-efficient lighting.

Use a motion sensor or set the lights to turn on and off when you want.

Flood Sensor

Get instant notification if there is flooding.

A sensor alerts you about flooding problems before it’s too late to take action. Get a notification for any emergency situation, allowing you to deal with them before there’s extensive property damage.

Smart Smoke Sensor

Save lives and property with instant smoke alerts.

Supplement your existing smoke detector with the smart smoke sensor. Get an alert on the app as soon as smoke is detected, whether or not you’re home.

Smart Lock

Remotely lock and unlock your front door.

Lock and unlock your front door from anywhere. If you have visitors arriving or an important delivery is on the way, you can create a special code that works during a specific time. The code will unlock the door and then it gets locked again.

Slimline Doorbell Camera

See who’s at the door and talk to them from anywhere.

The doorbell camera lets you see who’s outside when the doorbell rings. Have a two-way conversation with those at the door.

TELUS SmartHome Security Systems

5 Reasons to have a Smart Home Security System

It’s not easy to decide whether to install a home security system, or which one is best for you. If you want to keep your family and your property safe, choosing the Home Security System is an easy decision. This worthy investment continues to return benefits, by keeping your family, home and property safe and secure.

Still wondering about SmartHome Security System? Here’s why you should get one:

Boost your home’s resale value.

Smart products are part of more and more houses today. Items like smart thermostats, smart locks, and smart lightbulbs can add value to the home by having them already installed. The SmartHome Security System is attractive to potential buyers, and you may get a higher price for your house.

Monitor your house, surrounding area and more.

A SmartHome Security System allows you to monitor more than just your house. Sensors and cameras keep an eye on the home and surrounding area. Check on your house, driveway, garage and yard. Monitor your family to ensure they’re safe. For example, you can check on the kids when they get home from school, or keep an eye on pets while you’re at work.

Act before it’s too late.

A traditional security system provides an alert after an incident has already occurred. The SmartHome Security system is different. You can receive a proactive alert and act before it’s too late, lowering the risk of an incident or minimizing damage. For example, if your door is unlocked, you’ll receive an alert and remotely lock it. Smart Home system helps avert dangerous situations, minimize the effects of any incident, and keep your family and home safe and sound.

Lower the costs of heating and electrical bills.

Save more by lowering the costs of energy bills like heating and electrical. Use the Smart Home Security System features like smart thermostats and smart lights to reduce energy usage, and lower or turn them off remotely. Save on home insurance by having a top-rated security system monitoring your home and property.

It’s easy to remotely monitor and control your home.

You don’t have to be home to run the system. The easy-to-use features let you turn off forgotten lights or appliances, adjust the thermostat, or let a friend into your house when you’re not home. These examples show how simple and efficient it is to interact with the TELUS SmartHome products in your home, from wherever you are.