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4K entertainment for everyone

More choices than ever

Audio and video quality that’s second to none, with more choices for on-demand movies, streaming channels and your favourite shows.

Watch what you want

Choose what you watch at any time, with the freedom to change your streaming channels and programming options whenever you want.

Your dollar goes farther

Choose to add a streaming service to your television package. Get Amazon Prime, Netflix and others with this option.

The best quality you can get

4K HDR entertainment is truly second to none.

Don’t miss your favourites

A huge selection of content and the best streaming apps gives you all your favourite shows.


Record in 4K video and audio quality

A single PVR lets you record up to five shows in HD quality from anywhere in the house – and all at the same time. Plus:


Our PVR stores up to 100 hours in 4K quality or 400 hours in HD quality


Apps like Netflix, Stingray Music and TED are all available


Our customer support can help 24/7

Go wireless

Wireless digital boxes eliminate the hassle of wires and cords.

Wireless 4K Quality

Our 4K wireless digital box is top quality viewing with no cords.

Wireless HD Quality

The HD wireless box provides all the best content.

Satisfaction guaranteed with a 30-day free trial.
We offer one free PVR rental plus:


Get a wireless 4K digital box rental for your second television.


Installation is easy.


Phone jacks and TV outlets installed free.

Optik TV apps

Now get the best streaming apps and watch when you want.

Home viewing has never been better with access to streaming apps


We provide access to streaming apps whether or not you’re home, along with music options that you customize. Then you decide what and when you watch or listen.

Optik TV Apps

Optik TV apps available on your TV

Optik TV apps available on your mobile device