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Our fast and easy online shopping lets you shop 24/7. Take a look at our current promotions and offers. Choose a phone and order the accessories you need. Then choose pickup or shipping.

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Save on your monthly plan with exclusive discounts for you and your family.

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Get the phone you love at a price you’ll love even more. We have the newest smartphones with exclusive hardware discounts.

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Lower your monthly costs even more with the TELUS Bring-It Back program.

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Extend special prices and discounts to your employees on the latest Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or other premium brands. The Employee Purchase Program is available for Companies, Banks, Corporations, Government (Federal, Provincial, and Municipal), Unions, Associations, and Realtors. Let your employees save on monthly plans with TELUS EPP discounts. Want to know more? Talk to us today.

What is TELUS EPP?

Companies that have TELUS Corporate agreements can extend Exclusive Partner Program to their employees. EPP offers discounted plans as special hardware discounts.

Does my company have a TELUS corporate agreement?

It’s easy to find out if your company has an agreement by contacting our sales team. See if you can take advantage of an Exclusive Partner Program through your company by calling or emailing us today.

What are the EPP savings?

Get exclusive discounts on TELUS Smartphones and save up to 30% on select phone plans, as well as special promotions for TV, Internet, Smart Hub and Smart Home Security.

Can my family get discounts too?

Members of your family can enjoy special discounts on smartphones and monthly plans when you add them to your account.

Our company has a TELUS Corporate and EPP agreement and I’d like more information for my employees.

Get the information you need by calling, emailing or chatting with our sales team, or submit the form below.