Through the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program or EPP, you can reduce the costs of your mobile phones and monthly phone bills. The program makes it possible for you to enjoy the latest promos and discounts on newly released mobile phones and gadgets. You can also save from your monthly billing when you use these devices. Not only employees but also their families can enjoy all the benefits the TELUS EPP has to offer. The program is worth trying because you pay less for the products and services you pay regularly.

Who is qualified to join the TELUS EPP?

Various enterprises and organizations are eligible to join this program. Here are some of the companies and organizations that are qualified to participate:

  • Unions
  • Corporations
  • Associations
  • Government organizations
  • Realtors
  • Banks

The list gives you a general understanding of the businesses that have the potential to be a part of the program. Keep in mind that this list isn’t all extensive. Contact the Global Cell Account Manager to learn more about the eligibility of different businesses.

Is your company part of TELUS EPP already?

There’s a possibility that your company is already part of TELUS EPP, and, likely, you are not aware of it. Sometimes, companies and other big corporations have benefits similar to EPP and the employees may not get communication about the program.

With EPP, you can have the latest iPhone or Samsung smartphone you’ve been saving up for through deals, discounts, and promotions provided by an EPP program.

Employee phone savings through TELUS EPP

EPP is sometimes called the Employee Purchasing Program. The program offers many discounts to employees and their families. They offer unlimited calls and data use with special promos. Their families can also enjoy the benefits.

Benefits to employers that are part of the TELUS Exclusive Program

Many people can enjoy the benefits TELUS EPP has to offer. This is especially true for companies that provide personal mobile phones to their employees since the savings are significant.

Taking advantage of discounts on phones and plans can help you increase your profit because you pay less on your monthly phone expenses. Moreover, when employers provide more benefits, employees are more satisfied. This results in a better working environment for the company.

What can you get when you join the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program?

TELUS EPP members have various benefits to help employees become more productive and efficient and reduce operational expenses simultaneously. Here are some of the EPP benefits:

  • Smartphone promotions
  • Bring-it Back opportunities
  • Easy access
  • Dependable customer service
  • Special plans monthly

Smartphone Promotions

TELUS EPP integrates current promos and deals in the program for different mobile devices, including newly released phones such as the iPhone 14 series, Samsung Galaxy S22, and Google Pixel 7. Aside from you and your family enjoying special promos and discounts on these devices, you can also save on your monthly plans for the current value.

Bring-it Back Opportunities

You can enjoy more cost reductions with the EPP and TELUS Bring-it-Back programs. The program allows you to elevate your current TELUS Phones by paying a minimal fee or none. You can get new phones through this program without the need to pay upfront costs.

Easy Access

You have easy and convenient access to current promotions and experience purchasing online through the Global Cell website when you’re part of EPP. You have the option to have your online purchase delivered at home or pick it up yourself.

Monthly Discounts

One of the advantages of the program is the continuous savings every month. All employees can benefit from a cut in their monthly costs.

Dependable Customer Service

The Global Cell, TELUS customer support team experts effectively deal with any problems or concerns you have with your account.

For more information on TELUS EPP, contact the Global Cell Sales Specialist.