A security system can be of great help in easing up your worries and fears while you’re away from home or sleeping at night. However, outdated equipment and mechanisms might not be good enough. It is far better to invest in those that are integrated with smart technology.

Having a smart home security system is a much more convenient solution in terms of home protection. You’ll only need to interact with it for just a few moments and have the rest of your day for more important purposes like work, family time, and personal enjoyment. Choosing the best smart home security system is very important. Fortunately, TELUS can serve your needs.

How Smart Home Security Systems Can Help

A home security integrated with smart technology can be such a relief. It can help make your vacation better, your family much safer, and your home tasks automated.


Vacations are supposed to be stress-free, right? A smart home system like the TELUS can give you the assurance that everything will be okay even if you are on the other side of the planet. As long as you are connected to a stable internet connection, you can access the high-resolution camera feeds and view other important statistics like temperature and energy usage.

Furthermore, you can enable mechanisms or controls remotely when you allow someone to go inside your home or secure the locks when someone is going out clumsily. If you find something suspicious, you can just contact the authorities via the app. Nothing can interrupt your vacation as long as you have a great smart home security system.

Family Safety

Even if it is not sleeping time, it can still be difficult to attend to every need within the house, especially if it has a very large area and numerous rooms. With the help of a smart home system, you can multitask and ensure the safety of your family with ease.

Most devices used in a smart security system have built-in feedback systems that can notify you of any detected hazard. Moreover, your reactions from shock if anything bad happens can be overridden by the fast response of your alarms, monitors, and system protocols.

Home Automation

Automation can really make your life easier. Tasks that are repetitive and tiresome to accomplish can be done even without your constant intervention. Smart thermostats can adjust the temperature in accordance with the environmental circumstances and smart bulbs can adjust their brightness depending on the presence of sunlight.

All those and other smart devices can be synchronized in order to form routines and establish protocols. Additionally, having a smart home security system can manage your electricity consumption efficiently and thus, you can even avoid incurring more costs.

Additional Products And Customizations

When it comes to choosing a TELUS home security system, you may have to consider some options. They may be additional costs but surely they are of great value for your money. Here are some additional products and actions that are worthy of consideration. Customized Security solutions are available for Personal, TELUS EPP and Business customers.

24/7 Professional Monitoring Or Guard Response

Rest assured that the professionals chosen for 24/7 monitoring tasks are highly reliable. They are trained and certified to respond to any form of alarm as swiftly and organized as possible.

DIY Or Professional Installation Options

Sometimes, you may want to decide to add more devices at your own convenience. Home systems that offer installation options can be a great factor so that anyone, whether a professional or those with limited technical know-how, can install devices easily and introduce them to the existing home security system in order to become part of it.

TELUS Has You Covered!

With over 150 years of experience in home security, TELUS can cover all your possible concerns and needs. As 2023’s most trusted security provider in Canada, your family’s safety and the comfort of your vacation will be assured. If you want to figure out the best setup for your smart home system, simply contact the sales specialist and you will get the information you need on TELUS Security.