Our home is our sanctuary, the place where we make precious memories and keep our valuable things. Thus, we have to guard it in every way we can. One of the best ways to do this is by having a home security service, such as the one provided by TELUS Home Security.

Regardless of where we live, whether we reside in a busy commercial neighborhood or a quiet suburban area, we should not let our guard down when it comes to the security aspect of our home. To help you understand the benefits of a Home Security System, here are some of them.

Deterring Burglars

The best thing about having such a system is that it will immediately make an intruder think twice about continuing their action the moment they see the presence of cameras and a Home Alarm System in your house. Yes, it does this even if the system is not fully functioning.

Protecting Family Members

When we talk about residential security, your valuable things should not be your only concern. Your family members are more important than all your worldly belongings. Lucky for you, with the availability of cameras and other devices, you can learn about their safety with ease.

Remote Surveillance

Many security devices today can be connected to the internet, allowing you to monitor your home from a faraway location. Whether you are working in your office or having a weekend getaway, you can simply open your mobile device and see what is going on in your home.

Asset Safeguard

The things found in your home, such as electronic devices, jewelry, personal items, and vehicles, are all valuable assets that you must protect. By adopting a security measure, even as simple as a Home Alarm System, you can get immediate alerts when an intruder wants to take any of those things.

Better Home Insurance Rate

Having a home insurance program will make you feel very thankful, especially when the worst thing happens. But, an insurance plan often comes at a high price. When you have a security system at hand, the insurance will likely give you a better insurance rate.

Fast Emergency Response

Many residential security devices today can also contact emergency services automatically the moment they detect a threat. With a smartphone integration, you will also get an immediate notification whenever something is off at home.


Knowing that your home is in a secure condition when you are away will undeniably give you a sense of comfort. No more worrying about whether you have turned off the stove or closed all the doors. Your security will always keep these things in check.

Smart Home Device Integration

Earlier, we talked about remote surveillance and fast emergency response capabilities provided by a residential security system. These are all made possible by the smart home device integration capability. With it, keeping your home secure becomes an easy job.

Evidence Documentation

No one expects their home to be broken into by a burglar. But, if this thing ever happens to you, you will want to have as much evidence as you want. By installing security cameras and other monitoring devices, you will have enough clues to identify the culprit.

Scalable Security System

Last but not least, you should be thankful that the modern security system is very adaptable and scalable. You can add as many devices as you want to the system to fulfill your needs and give you peace of mind. 

The Takeaway

There are a lot of benefits you may get by having a service like the one offered by TELUS Home Security. In addition to giving you an extra layer of defense against criminals and intruders, it also gives you a great confidence boost while you are away from home.

A home without a security system is a very vulnerable home. It makes the valuable things you keep inside it become low-hanging fruits for burglars. Whether you rent or own the property, you will, without a doubt, be happy with the benefits of a Home Security System. The good news is that TELUS is offering advanced home security and alarm systems with special deals for TELUS EPP and personal customers.  Contact us today to learn about home security systems from TELUS.